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The call arrives from NTI Accident Assist. A roll over. What do you do? Your time starts….now!

00:00hrs. In the minute it takes to read this story, the process to control the chain of events is well underway: Police? On site. The driver? OK? No? Needs an ambulance? The Fire Brigade? Dangerous goods? Traffic control: how many personnel? Type of location? Which recovery vehicle to dispatch? It’s already on its way.

It’s no wonder Andrew McCowan, Compliance Manager at Barnes Towing, says that he and his team are in the ‘Now Business’.

00:15hrs. At the scene, more decisions need to be made. Close the road? More traffic control? Clean up measures? The load: transfer and save? Condemn and dispose of? As an NTI Accident Assist accredited operator for the past 12 years, Andrew’s team have permission to make all these calls, knowing that NTI will back them all the way.

“It’s a very dangerous job and the pressures are enormous,” says Andrew. “But with NTI we follow a process; a process which we and other accredited operators have helped to develop over the last decade or more. We get the resources when we want, how we want, knowing we’re supported throughout the whole recovery.”

04.00+hrs The repair process begins remotely. “NTI are on the phone for photos, the condition report, what we might think repairable or not. We’re all working to get that vehicle back on the road fast.”

It probably comes as no surprise that Barnes Towing have had their own trucks insured with NTI since beginning operations 27 years ago.

“They’re very practical and pragmatic,” says Andrew. “We tow and recover heavy vehicles – they insure and fix heavy vehicles”.

Sounds like a good partnership? “It’s not perfect,” says Andrew, “but it’s not far from it.”

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Barnes Towing - Images

{TRUE STORIES} Trust is when it needs to be right. And right now!

Barnes Towing - Images