After more than 40 years serving the Australian trucking industry, we’ve been privileged to be a part of some amazing stories, involving some even more amazing characters.

The beginning of our ‘True Stories’ series is recognition that these stories should be told and shared, not just with our customers or within our industry, but with all Australians who recognise the tremendous value the transport industry brings to our communities and to our nation.

They are stories of sweat, hard work, family tradition and the broader ‘families’ that make up many transport and allied industry companies – how many industries can still talk about business relationships of 15 or 20 years standing, or of employees who have given 25 or even 30 years of service?

Of course, as an insurance company, we often see the worst – that’s part and parcel of our trade. But the flip side to this; the reason why we get out of bed every day, is because we’ve seen time and time again, that adversity always brings out the best in people.

To be in a position to offer support and strength when people need it most, to be afforded the opportunity to help make a genuine difference when crisis and misfortune impact on families, businesses and livelihoods; we are both proud and humbled to be able to play our small part in this great industry.


Tony Clark

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